Lenovo 1-Year Carry-in to 1-Year Premium Care with Onsite Warranty Upgrade

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Lenovo 1-Year Carry-in to 1-Year Premium Care with Onsite Warranty Upgrade

Advanced Support from Real People. Real Fast

We get it. New computers are exciting. From the moment you unbox your new Lenovo device, you want to get the most out of it. Yet even the most technical among us struggle with setup and support.

Lenovo Premium Care is the hassle-free solution for all your technical support needs.

Introducing Lenovo Premium Care

Premium Care is the new standard for advanced technical support.

Our helpful technicians are ready to help you with any issues with your Lenovo device, peripherals, and even software. With this front-of-the-queue and straight-to-the-experts customer support service, Lenovo provides you peace of mind and faster solutions, allowing you to get the best from your new device.

Premium Concept Taken To The Next Level

• Real Person: Choose how you want to reach us - through the phone, chat or email - our expert technicians will take care of you. Real person support for your PC issues.

• Real Fast: Highly trained technicians will provide you real-time solutions, whatever the issue, on your first contact. If needed, our team will schedule an onsite visit for the next business day.

• Hassle-Free: ‘Getting started’ and ‘how-to’ assistance for hardware and software. Easy solutions that are simple to reach - that’s how Premium Care delivers you the ideal support experience.

• PC Health Check: Free annual PC Health Check that allows our experts to spot issues before you do so they can resolve them quickly and help you avoid PC problems.

Hassle-Free Support Experience

‘How-To’ Assistance For Hardware And Software

Whether you need setup advice or help adding a printer, Lenovo Premium Care has got your back.

Now, you will have a go-to place to keep you connected and able to use your device to do the things you love.

Besides offering the highest level of hardware support and making sure you have ‘how-to’ assistance anytime you need, our team is always ready to answer questions about the software applications you use every day.

That’s Premium Care - designed to delight and make your life easier.

List of supported software
Windows® OS, Lenovo™ SHAREit, Lenovo OneKey™ Recovery, Lenovo REACHit, Lenovo Photo Master, McAfee® LiveSafe™ (30-day trial), Adobe® Photoshop® software, Adobe Acrobat® software, Cyberlink Power DVD, Chrome OS, Dropbox, Intuit Quickbooks, McAfee, MS Office, Windows, MS Works, MS Works Plus 2008, Norton AnitVirus, Norton Internet Security, Roxio Creator, Skype.

Note: Not available in all countries. Hours may vary slightly around the world. For example, United Kingdom: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT)

Trademarks: Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks of Lenovo. Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.


  • Lenovo V14 G4 AMN
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 3
  • Lenovo Chromebook C340-15
  • Lenovo V14 G4 IRU
  • Lenovo V15 G2 ITL
  • Lenovo N23 Chromebook
  • Lenovo V15 G3 IAP
  • Lenovo V14 G3 ABA
  • Lenovo V14 G3 IAP
  • Lenovo 100S Chromebook
  • Lenovo V15 G4 IAH
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4 (Intel)
  • Lenovo 100e Windows 2nd Gen
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen AST
  • Lenovo Chromebook S330
  • Lenovo V14 ARE
  • Yoga Chromebook C630
  • Lenovo V14 G4 IAH
  • Lenovo V140-15IWL
  • Lenovo 14e Chromebook Gen 3
  • Lenovo V15 IGL
  • Lenovo N22
  • Lenovo 500e Yoga Chromebook Gen 4
  • Lenovo V14 G2 ITL
  • Lenovo V15 G5 IRL
  • Lenovo V15 IML
  • Lenovo 300w Yoga Gen 4
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4
  • Lenovo 100w Gen 4
  • Lenovo 500w Yoga Gen 4
  • Lenovo 300e Yoga Chromebook Gen 4
  • Lenovo V14 G5 IRL
  • Lenovo 100e
  • Lenovo V14 IML
  • Lenovo V15 G4 IRU
  • Lenovo Chromebook C340-11
  • Lenovo Chromebook S340
  • Lenovo 14w Gen 2
  • Lenovo V320 (17")
  • Lenovo V155-15API
  • Lenovo 300e Windows 2nd Gen APO
  • Lenovo V310 (15")
  • Lenovo V145-14AST
  • Lenovo 100e Windows 2nd Gen APO
  • Lenovo V310 (14")
  • Lenovo 14w
  • Lenovo 14e Chromebook
  • Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen
  • Lenovo 500e Chromebook 2nd Gen
  • Lenovo V17 G4 IRU
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen
  • Lenovo V14 IJL
  • Lenovo V15 IJL
  • Lenovo V17 G2 ITL
  • Lenovo 300e Windows 2nd Gen
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK 2
  • Lenovo V110 (15")
  • Lenovo V110 (14")
  • Lenovo V17 IIL
  • Lenovo V145-15AST
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook
  • Lenovo 500e Chromebook
  • Lenovo Chromebook S345-14AST
  • Lenovo V15 G4 ABP
  • Lenovo V15 G4 IAN
  • Lenovo V14 G4 ABP
  • Lenovo N42 Chromebook
  • Lenovo V15 G4 AMN
  • Lenovo V14 G4 IAN
  • Lenovo V110 (17")
  • Lenovo 100w Gen 3 (AMD)
  • IdeaPad Duet 3 CB 11Q727
  • Lenovo 300e
  • Chrome Duet EDU
  • Lenovo V130-14IGM
  • Lenovo V130-15IKB
  • Lenovo V130-15IGM
  • Lenovo 500e Chromebook Gen 3 (Intel)
  • Lenovo 300e Chromebook Gen 3 (AMD)
  • Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 3 (AMD)
  • Lenovo 300w Gen 3 (AMD)
  • Lenovo 500w Gen 3 (Intel)
  • Lenovo 300e Chromebook
  • Lenovo 10e Chromebook Gen 2
  • Lenovo 10w
  • Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen AST
  • Lenovo V14 G2 ALC
  • Lenovo V15 G2 ALC
  • Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK
  • Lenovo Chromebook C330
  • Lenovo V14 IIL
  • Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK
  • Lenovo V14 IGL
  • Lenovo V15 ADA
  • Lenovo V15 IIL
  • Lenovo V14 ADA
  • Lenovo V130-14IKB
  • Lenovo V14 IWL
  • Lenovo V14 IKB
  • Lenovo V15 IKB
  • Lenovo V15 IWL
  • Lenovo 14e Gen 2
  • Lenovo V15 G3 ABA
  • Lenovo S14 G3 IAP
  • Lenovo V330-15IKB
  • Lenovo V330-14ISK
  • Lenovo V17 G3 IAP
  • Lenovo V330-14ARR
  • Lenovo V340-17IWL
  • Lenovo V330-15ISK
  • Lenovo V330-14IKB

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